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Whether you’re struggling with a stubborn clog or a collapsed sewer line, it’s important that Los Angeles, California homes and businesses can get the help they need from a dependable local plumber. If you’re in need of professional plumbing in Los Angeles, we have the perfect solution. At Rooter Hero, we put our customer’s satisfaction first, and will work hard to make sure that your pipe troubles are always taken care of. When you need a licensed plumber, call Rooter Hero. We will send our highly trained, experienced plumbers in Los Angeles to your home or work space and help you find an affordable and effective solution. Are you searching for an insured plumber that can fix your plumbing problems? Then pick up the phone and discuss your unique needs. Our customer care team will speak with you one on one and can also schedule an appointment for any inspection, installation or plumbing repair in Los Angeles, California or a surrounding community. Rooter Hero Plumbing offers 24 Hour emergency plumbing repair service in Los Angeles, CA and all surrounding areas. Call us now at 213-455-5402 to schedule a plumber in Los Angeles.

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The Rooter Hero team proudly provides professional plumbing in Los Angeles, California and other local Los Angeles area cities.  

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Why It’s Important to Hire a Licensed and Insured Plumber

While some projects can be performed by home or business owners without major issues, it’s important to rely on experienced professionals when you need a plumbing repair in Los Angeles. It may feel like you’ll save some cash, but unfortunately that isn’t always the case. Small issues can quickly turn into massive problems if the correct process isn’t followed. Avoid the stress and unnecessary expenses by getting help from a local plumber.

Professional Plumbing Repair in Los Angeles, CA

Sometimes, issues like clogs and backups are symptoms of a larger problem. A homeowner might be able to remove these clogs from time to time, but eventually the underlying issue will need to be solved to avoid more complications down the road. If you’re constantly struggling with your pipes, let the expert plumbers in Los Angeles come to the rescue. Rooter Hero will send a qualified local plumber to your property and properly diagnose the source of your trouble so you can finally get the help you need. If you suspect it’s time for a plumbing repair in Los Angeles, contact our office today. 

Plumbing Services Offered by Rooter Hero Plumbing

Commerical Plumbing

Drain Cleaning

Residenital Plumbing Service

Video Camera Plumbing Inspection

Sewer Repair


Water Leak Detection

Water Heater Repair

Toilet Replacement and much more...

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Commercial Plumbing in Los Angeles, California

Many businesses rely on their plumbing for basic daily functions. Restaurants, hotels, schools and other institutions need to have a dependable plumbing system. If something goes wrong, some companies must shut down their doors until a local plumber can get their pipes running smoothly again. At Rooter Hero, we understand that every minute you’re “out of order” is another minute you could be losing cash and customer confidence. Let a Rooter Hero insured and licensed plumber restore your plumbing, so you can get back to your normal level of productivity fast. 

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Tired of searching the internet for a licensed plumber near me? Pick up the phone and give Rooter Hero a call. Our experienced customer care team can answer any questions you may have and can also set up the perfect time to meet with our highly trained and certified plumbing professionals. 

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Overall Experience: 5 / 5

These guys are absolutely fantastic! Manny and Ruben were taking care of my neighbors and I happened to get a clogged drain, I approached Manny and asked about my issue and he came by with Ruben with a snake and were able to fix it. I am now sold on using Rooter Hero for all my plumbing needs, large and small. Really great guys, cannot say enough good things.

Rooter Hero Plumbing Rated 4.9 out of 5 based on 194 ratings and reviews.

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Insured & Licensed Plumbers at Rooter Hero Plumbing are available 24/7 to serve better our residential and commercial customers in in Los Angeles, Long Beach, Torrance, Downey, Norwalk, South Gate, Carson, Santa Monica, Hawthorne, Lakewood, Bellflower, Lynwood, Redondo Beach, Gardena, Huntington Park, Paramount, and all surrounding areas in California. Plumbing is not just our business, it’s our passion. At Rooter Hero Plumbing we pride ourselves on creating a memorable experience for every person at every service call. We deliver the experience and professional knowledge to provide world class customer service, starting the moment we answer the phone. At Rooter Hero Plumbing we live by a set of Company Values that has become that culture we live by not only in our professional lives, but also personally. See our full list of Company Values.

With over 90+ years of plumbing heritage we’ll get the job done right for you the first time, 24 hours a day. We know having a plumbing problem is not a pleasant experience, but we do our best to quickly solve your plumbing issue, walk you through the process and help you pick the option that is best for you and your home. 

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Ready for a plumbing service? Our plumbers in Los Angeles area is available 24 Hour to serve you. We offer expert plumbing repair, drain cleaning, sewer line replacement, water leak detection and repair, toilet installation, garbage disposal replacement and repair.

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Rooter Hero Plumbing is available 24 Hour for the residents and business owners in Los Angeles, Long Beach, Torrance, Downey, Norwalk, South Gate, Carson, Santa Monica, Hawthorne, Lakewood, Bellflower, Lynwood, Redondo Beach, Gardena, Huntington Park, Paramount, and all surrounding areas in California.

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